Fair Prices

Don't be ripped off by photographers


The Horrid Overcharging

I've heard of studios charging over £100 for a 2 hour photo-shoot, giving out 1 or 2 printouts and then forcing the customer to purchase canvas prints and wall art. 

But what's worse is the client doesn't even get the digital files so they can choose where they have the images printed, they have to use the service  at the prices set by the photographer.  

It's a win- win game for dodgy photographers

They charge you for the photo-shoot and then hold your images ransom so you can't have them unless you buy the wall art.

Not Me !

I became a photographer because I love taking pictures.  I have been doing this for a long time and I have camera equipment to cover just about every type of photography from fashion portfolios for model to newborn babies .

Now let's be honest,

All I want is a days pay, to me that is about £50 per day.  Some days I might do 2 shoots and that will be £100 which will make up for the days when I don't have a shoot.

And that's it.... That's why I will photograph you, your family, your party, your pets, whatever you want for £50.

I'm happy to give you 4 hours of photography of whatever and you will then get all the good images from the shoot to download and use how you will.