Food Photography in Hull

Food Photography Deals For Hull

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General Food Photography For Restaurants. - £50

Images may be used on your websites and online ordering websites such as Just Eat.

Images are taken at your premises where you will need to prepare set items from your menu.  The dishes are then styled with props  from your restaurant, like napkins, side dishes, dips, bread rolls.  By booking the shoot when you are closed to the public we can set up lights and equipment to make the food look the best.

Up to 8 different  dishes can be styled photographed during the shoot. 


General Food Photography For Take Aways. - £50

Photographs of food for takeaways is a little hard due to them being busy  places and often not having a table to take the photographs on. 

Instead you simply deliver the food to be photographed to us and we take care of the rest.  With the food it's always helpful if you can supply any ingredients which may have been used in the food, some tomatoes if the food is tomato soup for instance to garnish the image.   Up to 8 dishes are normally photographed in one shoot. 


Images For Social Media

Sometimes you just want some nice pictures for your Facebook page or other social media.   

I can style and make 3 different shots of each item for £5

All Food photography Images are taken at 50 Megapixels

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