Hornsea UFO

Location : Hornsea Mare 2017

I don't have many placed near me in Hull where I could do landscape photography.  So, I had decided to take a walk around Hornsea mare, a freshwater inland lake near the coastal town of Hornsea in East Yorkshire to see if there was any scope for images from parts of the Mare people don't normally see.

I walked down a public foot path on the south side of the mare to the point where there was a field saying there was a loose Bull in it, at which point I decided that was far enough.


As it turns out, there seems to be no nice bits on the south side, it was quite a disappointing walk, but I had to go and find out.

It takes quite a bit of embellishing to make a good image of the mare from where I was.


Shamelessly embellished image from my walk.

So the UFO

2:35 pm - I looked up and saw object in the sky and snapped it up with this shot




Zoomed in version of the other image

But then there seemed to be something else going on.

Just a couple of minutes later and a couple of what I believe are Eurofighters turned up and were buzzing about.