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Wedding photographs now include images at 50 Megapixels

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Wedding photography is hot I started out in professional photography and it still has a special appeal to me.  

I Initially trained as a wedding photographer in 2010 on a residential professional wedding photography course. 

After the course I starting out with wedding at the original registry office in Hull and then at various churches and hotels. 

In 2017 I refreshed my knowledge, with the wedding photography advanced module from the Photographic Institute and I am a member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

2019 01 30 Pi Cert Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Image taken in 2010

Most photographers will hide their prices so you don't know how much they cost until you contact them and they can start their sales pitch to try and talk you round. I am up front with the costs and what you get in exchange.

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Standard Wedding Photography

Saturday or Sunday (8 Hours) = £750

Saturday or Sunday (4 Hours) = £375

Pre-wedding practice shoot - I will take you and show you where we intend to do the bride and groom posed shots and walk you through them to help you feel at ease and so that they don't take up too much time on the day.

Full Day Coverage  - may include as much as you like (or is possible within 8 Hours) from : 

  • The Bride or Groom getting ready, 
  • The Arrival car,
  • The Ceremony,
  • The Contemporary Group Shots,
  • The Posed Bride and Groom shots,
  • The Tables,
  • The Toasts,
  • The Cutting of the Cake,
  • The First Dance,
  • The After party.

Half Day Coverage - may include as much as you like (or is possible within 4 Hours) from :

  • The Ceremony,
  • The Contemporary Group Shots,
  • The Posed Bride and Groom shots,
  • The Toasts,
  • The Cutting of the Cake,
  • The First Dance,
  • The images from the wedding are then available to download

GuildHall or Mini Wedding Photography

Monday to Thursday (4 Hours) = £50

  • The Ceremony in the Guildhall,
  • Posed Bride and Groom shots in Queens Gardens,
  • Selection of Photographs at the reception.

The images from the wedding are available to download.


Any Photography Starting Before 4pm 
  • Up to 4 Hours = £100
  • Up To 8 Hours = £200

Any Photography Starting After 4pm
  • Up to 4 Hours =£50
  • Up to 6 hours =£75

Do you want to add that extra little special magic to your big day?


Why Not Add A Professional Wedding Singer?

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My signature ring shot, taken during the wedding reception. 

Payment by instalments is available on Wedding Photography.

My Advice when choosing a wedding photographer

The wedding photography market is absolutely saturated with photographers

On the photographers’ side it being a wedding photographer can sound quite glamorous. But, it also brings a danger of anybody with a camera thinking they can photograph a wedding. 

Weekend photographers, those who just want to top up their regular in income with by photographing a wedding now and then, tend to be cheaper and just won’t give the service you would get from a fully qualified photographer.

Photography is a service, it is not just the quality of the images but the quality of the service that someone looking to hire a photographer should look at. I say that it’s a question of priorities. You can prioritize getting as much money out of the client in exchange for the minimal work, or you can prioritize doing as much as you can to help the client’s experience and images be the best it can be.

Take a look at some of the issues that may arise from hiring the wrong photographer

No prep -   I was trained to visit the venue months before the wedding and in fact several times.  Even to the point where I would visit the venue at the same time of day as the group and posed shots were due to be taken.  I would talk with the officials who would be holding the ceremony and the owners of the venue to discuss the photography, any restrictions.  I would walk the grounds, looking for the best locations for the group photographs as well as the best place for the Bride & Groom shoot.  There would be a plan for if it rained, I have had it rain on wedding days, It’s not been a problem as there has always been a plan.  I would discuss the plans with the couple.  As I know that some people are nervous about being photographed and as I don’t want to add to those nerves on the day by having them stress over the posed shoot. I would suggest the couple have a ‘together’ practice shoot in the same location where we can go through the posed shoot so that they know what to expect on the day.  Every aspect of the wedding needs military grade planning.

Entry level equipment – If you don’t kit yourself up for a wedding then you will find the equipment will be letting you down.   You must work in varying conditions Churches are notoriously dark, so expensive fast lenses are a must, and don’t think you can get away with a flash, they won’t be allowed during the ceremony.  You will be working at higher ISO speeds, that is the speed at which the image sensor records the image, it needs to be set fast enough to allow an image to be recorded quickly, otherwise the low light would mean the shutter speed would become too slow and the images become soft and even blurry.  There are three ranges in most camera companies’ line-ups, Beginner, Amateur and Professional.  You can just about get away with Cameras from the Amateur range but really should be looking at Cameras from the pro range as these will give the cleanest image.  Pro cameras cost thousands and are made from titanium or similar metals instead of being mainly plastic and are weather sealed for use in the rain.

Poor Customer service on the day – As I’ve said this is a question about priorities, I’ve had photographers who are so interested in getting away from the wedding, presumably to go and spend the hundreds of pounds they have been paid, that try to influence the order of events to get things over with and get home.  Sometimes if the contract is until ‘the first dance’ or the ‘cutting of the cake’, they will try to push you to get it over with as soon as possible.  At my own wedding in fact, we had a table at the event collapse and several guests had to nip home to clean up and change clothes after the drinks had covered them. This held up the dinner service, which in turn held up the first dance.  My concern as groom was in the well-being of the guests and making sure everyone gets to eat together and were happy, however my photographer was concerned with getting home as it was getting late.  He was unable to photograph the after party as he was wanting to be off home.  He had a set time in his head for finishing and that was that.  My mind is that the photographer is there to record the whole day and I’ll stay until I’m no longer needed, I’m happy to stay to the end as I enjoy the photography, I enjoy the party, I enjoy the people, I enjoy weddings.   I just can’t be so ridged, it’s not in me.

Backups – I have 4 DSLRs capable of shooting a wedding, On the day I will have 2 cameras one with a wide to mid telephoto lens and one with a longer telephoto to get closeups without people knowing. If anything isn’t working, I can just change the camera.  The weekend photographer with no extra capacity will miss the important shots if their gear packs up.

Poor Processing of images – Here you really do get what you paid for, I trained to process the images and give them that extra shine.  A weekend Photographer won’t really care about your photos, you will get back badly composed images which often will still need straightening and cropping. In fact, I have edited images taken by other wedding photographers for clients who weren’t happy with what they got back from the other photographer.

Ill Experience – If your tempted by someone who is ‘just starting out’ and wants to do the wedding for cheap, then you are heading for trouble.  Wedding photographers lean the art in one of 2 ways.  Either they work for/with an established photographer for a good number of weddings to lean the ropes, like an apprentice.  The other method is, as I did, take industry specific training.  Even taking a degree in photography doesn’t make you a wedding photographer, weddings are a specific talent and need specific training.  I did a residential course when I started out and then did a refresher course just a couple of years ago.  As technology, techniques and fashions change, I will be continuing to do refresher’s every few years.

Realistic Wedding Photographer Prices (for Hull)

  • Jack the lad, Man with Camera £0-£350
  • Low end Photographer £350-£550
  • Mid-range Photographer £550-£700
  • Good Photographer £700-£1200
  • Top Photographer £1200+

So, there you have it, it’s only my opinion, but I hope there is some things to think about when you chose your wedding photographer.

These days I only do one wedding a year at the very most, just to keep the practice up.